Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the world’s atmosphere and oceans, and so on.
This phenomenon has led to the temperatures in Morocco becoming even more extreme, which gives rise to rigorous conditions in several regions, especially around the desert. As an illustration, less rainfall, which leads triggers serious droughts, also sea levels rise that cause destructive erosion, wetland flooding… We can say that the temperatures in North Africa will increase twice as quickly as the average around the world. This latter might call up to dramatic conclusions:
First, it will affect greatly the lives of Moroccans, especially farmers who own some of Morocco’s landscapes, which means that these farmers struggle to grow crops. Indeed, this has a knock-on effect, with less produce available for the wider community.
Second, it can bring about a negative impact on water resources, especially in arid and semi-arid areas.
In conclusion, global heating has already impacted Morocco as a whole, as a result, Morocco’s international relationships will probably face numerous economical issues in the upcoming days.

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