Life has always been different from one gender to another in many aspects such as activities, daily life, social intercourse, and so forth and so on. Indeed, if I had been a female, I would have completely had dissimilar living throughout my stages of life.

First of all, childhood is one of the periods when children are treated variously by their parents to make the best version of their babies, which brings about some changes in their personality in the upcoming days.

Secondly, adulthood may be extremely arduous in women’s life. If I were a girl, I would probably have to undergo terrible things like periods; actually, I can’t visualize the females' pains that they have gone through, which makes them be under the weather, feel bloated, and irritable. I would also have to work exceedingly on the hair, the eyebrows, all the shaving, my appearance, and then definitely make-up, in order to reach perfection.

Thirdly, countless women suffer from gender discrimination in employment. Although professional lives are getting better little by little, I would be very perturbed as an efficient and well-trained female applicant being selected for a job that I will be receiving less money than the same guy with the identical qualifications, talent, and experience, If I were a woman.

Finally, in social life, as a man, I never need to worry about some things, whereas, If I were a woman, I would have to be wary of my all surroundings because of insecurity. Hence, I would have to be highly cautious about how I dress as well as make every effort for equal terms and respect.

In conclusion, both genders have certain advantages and disadvantages. However, it is necessary to have the courage to confront and conquer everything to get what you need and let down what you dislike.

From my perspective, I strongly believe that my life if I’d been born a woman would be so much more incredibly difficult and complicated, women’s life and her responsibility in our society sound like something applause-worthy.

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