Currently, climate change is considered one of the monstrous challenges that humanity faces, it is also arduous to respond to the threats posed by this phenomenon. Hence, what are the adequate remedies for this serious issue? And how can we go about the process of implementing these solutions?

The Moroccan government and citizens have been working intensively with the hopes of overcoming this problem.
First of all, individuals have taken a good step further by reducing food waste to reverse climate change. As we can see, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals call for halving per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels by 2030, as well as reducing food losses along production and supply chains.
Actually, the process to subdue the obstacle was initially to develop community awareness, in other words, we should make sure that people are well informed about the hazard of climate change. Besides, encourage the use of renewable energies like wind energy, hydropower, solar energy, and so forth and so on, which can allow human beings to become more energy efficient so as to prevent pollution. In addition, tropical forests restoration is a critical strategy for tackling critical societal challenges of our time, including global food security, access to clean water, climate change. As an example, Morocco plants millions of trees along roads to fight climate change.
Morocco has used several ways so that it can help reduce the consequences of climate change.
Firstly, the Plan Maroc Vert aims to protect the environment as well as the livelihoods of Moroccans. Secondly, Morocco has lifted all subsidies on diesel, gasoline, and heavy fuel oil to encourage more efficient use of energy and to free up resources to invest in the transition to a green economy.
However, sometimes the Moroccan government and citizens make bad decisions, which can lead to frightful effects. At that point, I feel like the government, citizens, private companies, etc, take all responsibility. Therefore, it is the fault of every single one of them.

In conclusion, the climate emergency is still a major concern for all countries. It is needful to find suitable cares to this problem in order to protect our nationals and undo the issue "Climate Change".

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