Currently, climate change is considered one of the monstrous challenges that humanity faces, it is also arduous to respond to the threats posed by this phenomenon. Hence, what are the adequate remedies for this serious issue? And how can we go about the process of implementing these solutions?

The Moroccan government and citizens have been working intensively with the hopes of overcoming this problem.
First of all, individuals have taken a good step further by reducing food waste to reverse climate change. As we can see, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals call for halving per capita global food…


Life has always been different from one gender to another in many aspects such as activities, daily life, social intercourse, and so forth and so on. Indeed, if I had been a female, I would have completely had dissimilar living throughout my stages of life.

First of all, childhood is one of the periods when children are treated variously by their parents to make the best version of their babies, which brings about some changes in their personality in the upcoming days.

Secondly, adulthood may be extremely arduous in women’s life. If I were a girl…


Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the world’s atmosphere and oceans, and so on.
This phenomenon has led to the temperatures in Morocco becoming even more extreme, which gives rise to rigorous conditions in several regions, especially around the desert. As an illustration, less rainfall, which leads triggers serious droughts, also sea levels rise that cause destructive erosion, wetland flooding… We can say that the temperatures in North Africa will increase twice as quickly as the average around the world. This latter might call up to dramatic conclusions:
First, it will affect greatly…

Adam M'Rabet

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